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260 weeks ago

We Are a final fantasy 14 linkshell/guild on the Hyperion server dedicated to helping beginners and mastering end game content.


-Album Page (Guildhest info) (Dungeon Strategies)
-Forums up and ready to use.
-Schedule updated

Please register in the recruitment link!

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260 weeks ago

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258 weeks ago

With Phase 4 right around the corner I wanted to make sure we all knew some of the restrictions surrounding it.

Level cap is 20, which means during this time get your main job and maybe sub class up there so when we enter launch we will be ready to start doing the entry level raid dungeons and guildhests.

If your a baller and play so much that you accomplished the above and need more to do phase 4 is giving us a perfect opprotunity to begin our crafting and gathering classes and start making money for release.

On Sunday 8/18 we will begin looking into the basic raids so if you meet the requirements make sure i give you a guild invite my characters full name is Skurai Sirensong. Join up with me and a few others and lets get some team work practice in.

Thanks have a great week till then!

Skurai Admin replied

257 weeks ago

Well Phase 4 was pretty much a bust. I hope the short amount of time we did get to play was enough to get your feet wet and adjust to the game play. Mine was cut short by the dreaded 3102 error.

Everyone aim for next saturday and early access so we can log on early and get on Hyperion before it fills up again.

BTW the linkshell is made and ready to go, have a great week everyone and lets see what kind of updates we get.

Jocelynn Guild Member replied

256 weeks ago

I'm ready for the game to start , I'm just hopeing that I don't have to restart once more
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