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In this TV spinoff of "The Six Million Dollar Man", tennis pro Jamie Sommers was almost killed in a skydiving accident, but was saved by the U.S. Government, which used bionic parts to save her. Both legs, one arm, and one ear are artificial, which give her a number of super powers. She works as an agent for the Office of Scientific Investigations battling spies, fembots, mad scientists and aliens.
After fully recovering from her nearly fatal bout of bionic rejection, Jaime Sommers, the first female cyborg, is assigned to spy missions of her own.
Lindsay Wagner is wonderful as Jaime Sommers, the bionic woman. For a show in the mid-70's it was brilliantly done, the cast, the plots, the special effects for its time were awesome. It is not a surprise that lindsay won an emmy for the episode (Deadly Ringer), it was definitly one of the best. Lindsay is a great actress and hopefully she will be acting for a long time to come.
Most spin-off shows must be viewed with caution as they are usually pale imitations of their predecessors. The Bionic Woman was not one of them.<br/><br/>The beautiful Lindsay Wagner played bionic woman Jamie Sommers. She was joined by Richard Anderson as Oscar Goldman and Martin E. Brooks as Dr. Rudy Wells. She worked for the OSI agency (it&#39;s amazing how in the 60&#39;s and 70&#39;s there were so many government agencies fighting evil on the small screen). Jamie had had an airplane accident and she was rebuilt. She was given bionic legs, a bionic arm and a bionic ear (no doubt used for listening to gossip).<br/><br/>Like most shows of that era, The Bionic Woman was fun as Jamie Sommers fought all sorts of threats from Bigfoot to Fembots to aliens and also a few more down to earth threats as well. I really loved the theme tune and the action sequences to this show. The acting was great on the part of the three leads and the show had a mixture of stories from comedy episodes to dark episodes. Popping in from time to time was Steve Austin (not the WWF/WWE star but the Six Million Dollar Man played by Lee Majors).<br/><br/>All in all, a great show which is better than it has ever been given credit for.

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