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The year is 2275. Bounty Hunter Dante Montana and his ragtag crew are commissioned to track and capture dangerous interplanetary criminals, including an evil force Dante believes kidnapped his son. Meanwhile, covert forces are waging a desperate war to unlock the secrets of the Divinity Cluster - powerful knowledge that would mean universal domination - In season 2 set in 2300, bounty hunter Travis Montana searches for his lost father Dante. The show ends on a major cliffhanger.
In 2275, a team of bounty hunters tries to stop a conspiracy involving alien DNA. In 2300, bounty hunter Travis Montana searches for his lost father.
I've been watching this series from the beginning, as something to kill time between "Buffy" and "Andromeda." While there are certain elements of the show I would definitely change if I was in charge, (ergo: Somebody KILL the lighting director), it can most of the time can keep me watching, even at the 1am slot it has here in TN. While sometimes the plots are pretty outlandish, (there's a guy frozen on your ship and you didn't KNOW about this?) some of the recent episodes, such as when Percy ends up in prison, have kept me glued to the screen. The backstories of the characters never truly get explained in detail, (not as much as on the website anyway) and it took me until the 11th episode to find out Percy and Dante' were related. And the whole joke about Caravaggio being so prissy because he was once an AI from a luxury-liner gets completely overlooked. And until I read the backstory on the website, I NEVER could have figured what was up between Luc and the Orchard. Overall, even with bad lighting and a few extremely outlandish plots, I still give this show my approval and hope it stays on for at least another season.
Firstly expanding the cast/crew was an excellent move, allowing for greater intricacy and diversity in the social dynamic, instantly making the show more watchable from a humanized perspective; not sure about every one wearing black, shiny materials though~ a bit Angel-esk or something. &quot;Popa Bear&quot; played almost too convincingly by Steven Marcus is an essential character not only for comic relief, but also as a moral contrast; when one of the crew considers morally ambiguous action, Rudolpho comments and suddenly all other crew are absolved in sheer, sharp contrast to Rudolpho&#39;s impeccable immorality. Redesigning the Tulip to the more lengthy, aerodynamic, grey beauty was an excellent idea, as the stunted red ship was not very memorable.<br/><br/>On the whole more aesthetically pleasing, lost the elements of drab realism the first season had and replaced it with a more adolescent-friendly paradigm. Take that last comment how ever you want. Some of the more successful elements still seemed quite formulaic take the relationship between Kali and Travis, it&#39;s almost a cliché as writing techniques go, but some times the oldest tricks still work best eh?<br/><br/>Overall i rate Starhunter-2300(s2) as more watchable for mainstream audiences, yet still successful with the more fanatical Scifi lovers among us. If you created or worked on the series what more could you possibly want to hear..? Yeh, I know, &quot;Season 3 is not canceled.&quot; … oh well? As it is written: OM-MANI-PADME-HUNG : ) Tibetan translation: &quot;ubiquitous, infinite compassion&quot; : )

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