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A group of slackers face an army of zombies. The Cuban government and media claim the living dead are dissidents revolting against the government.
Juan is a slacker trying to reconnect with his daughter, who plans to rejoin her mother in Miami. Lazaro, Juan's friend, is trying to connect with his own son, a persistent womanizer. They begin to notice that locals are "going crazy", killing people and eating their flesh, and the recently deceased are returning to life. The Cuban government and the media claim that the zombies are dissidents revolting against the government. Juan starts a business to profit off of killing the zombies, but the group may soon find their own lives at risk.
In this terror/comedy picture there is action , tongue-in-cheek , irony , creepy atmosphere as well as gore , guts and blood . 50 years after the Cuban Revolution, a new Revolution is about to begin , then a bunch of slackers take on an army of zombies . Juan (Alexis Díaz de Villegas) is a botcher vagrant as well as womanizer attempting to reconnect with his daughter (Andrea Duro) , who schemes to rejoin her mummy in Miami . Meanwhile , Lazaro (Jorge Molina) , Juan&#39;s friend , is wishing to connect with his own son . They start to notice that citizens are &quot;going crazy&quot; , attacking locals and eating their flesh , and the recently deceased are going back to life . Juan tries to take of advantage of terror created by Zombies , as starts a business to profit off of killing the zombies . Juan forms a misfit squad , as they confront several Zombies starving of human meat and may soon find their own lives at risk .<br/><br/>Funny and refreshing Cuban/Spanish picture including lots of blood and gore . It&#39;s a fun and amusing Zombie movie filled with action , thrills , chills , humor and Zombie attacks . It results to be an outstanding horror/comedy movie , it&#39;s realized in fast moving and neither boring , nor tiring , but entertaining . From start to finish the action pace is nonstop , including a lot of fights , attacks and twisted situations . Spectacular frames when takes place a creepy head decapitating scene , it was not filmed in Revolution Square as filming there was impossible, so, the Square was digitally added after the sequence had been shot . There some brief critiques to Cuban government , as the media claim that the zombies are dissidents revolting against the government . It was submitted a certain censorship , as freedom of expression remains under siege in Cuba despite the reopening of diplomatic relations . <br/><br/>Juan De Los Muertos was made with the support of the Instituto Cubano del Arte e Industria Cinematográficas - Icaic, Canal Sur, Televisión Española and the collaboration of Junta de Andalucía, Ibermedia, Cinergia and Universidad De Guadalajara . Thrilling and atmospheric soundtrack by Julio De La Rosa , a notorious composer who has composed successes such as ¨Isla Minima¨ , ¨Primos¨ , ¨Grupo 7¨ , ¨Siete Virgenes¨ and ¨Carne De Neon . ¨Appropriate cinematography by Carlos Gusi -¨Torrente¨ , ¨Box 507¨ , ¨El Niño¨, ¨Take my eyes¨ , ¨Sexykiller¨ , ¨Cell 211¨ - who photographs splendidly the colorful exteriors from La Habana . The motion picture was compellingly directed by Alejandro Bruges and it achieved Goya Award to best Iberoamerican film . Alejandro is a writer and director, known for 2011 Fabula , 2006 Personal Belongings , 2005 Frutas en el café, 2005 Bailando Chachacha , 2004 Tres Veces Dos , 2000 Candela and he has been hired by Hollywood where directed The ABCs of Death 2 and is set to direct the third episode of season two of Robert Rodriguez&#39;s From Dusk Till Dawn : The Series .
Alright, well this is the first Cuban movie I have ever seen, so it being a zombie movie just made it all the more glorious to watch. I had some initial doubts about this movie, but being a zombie movie, I just couldn&#39;t let the opportunity pass me by. And now that I have seen it, I must admit that I am more than pleasantly surprised. This movie was really great.<br/><br/>I assume that it would be the Cuban equivalent to &quot;Shaun of the Dead&quot;, probably there the name came from as well. This movie combines humor, political satire and zombies in a very nice mixture, and it just worked out nicely.<br/><br/>The story is about Juan (played by Alexis Díaz de Villegas) and his friend Lazaro (played by Jorge Molina) who get on day by day in a not all that glamorous life, when the living dead start to overrun the city, sending the entire island into chaos and destruction. The story was actually quite good, and it was nice to see this approach to the zombie genre.<br/><br/>The characters in the movie were really nice, and they had very distinct and unique characteristics and personalities, which were nicely portrayed on the screen. So aside from being a zombie movie, the director gave the actors great chances to let the characters grow and develop on the screen. The group of survivors was made up of very different people, each with their own unique characteristics, which was really great, because there was something for almost everyone&#39;s liking here; heroic leader, funny sidekick, tough woman, muscular man who is scared of blood, über-gay guy, and much more.<br/><br/>&quot;Juan of the Dead&quot; was actually nicely made. There was a very nice sense of authenticity to the movie, as if you were there in Cuban with the people in the movie. And the zombies were actually quite nicely made as well, in regards to make-up and prosthetics. However, what really made this movie work was the humor, and the way it was used. I was thoroughly amused throughout the movie, and I loved the sense of humor that Lazaro had, he was just beyond cool.<br/><br/>There were some nice new ideas introduced in the movie as well, stuff that haven&#39;t been seen in zombie movies before. I especially liked the scene with the pickup truck with the harpoon and the tow cable. That was awesome. I will not give away the detail here, just watch it for yourself.<br/><br/>If you like zombie movies, then you definitely do not want to miss out on &quot;Juan of the Dead&quot;, because it is indeed great fun, and with &quot;Juan of the Dead&quot; director Alejandro Brugués has put Cuba on the world map of the zombie outbreak. This movie was even far better than so many of the American produced low budget zombie movies out on the market. So &quot;Juan of the Dead&quot; is really a zombie movie to take notice of. Even if you are reluctant to foreign language movies, then you should sit down to watch &quot;Juan of the Dead&quot; if you like zombie movies, trust me!<br/><br/>Two rotten thumbs up for this movie.

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